The van Breemen™ Company is the future of global health products.

We offer daily Minimum Essential Mixtures (MEM) from nature’s source, backed by science and research from Dr. Richard van Breemen.

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Doctor Richard van Breemen

FOUNDER - Van BreemenFormulas

FOUNDER, CSO, DIRECTOR - Voynich Biosciences

Dr. Richard van Breemen, with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, co-founded the UIC/NIH Center for Botanical Dietary Supplements Research. His research concerns the discovery and development of natural products as chemoprevention agents and the investigation of botanical dietary supplements as alternatives to current therapeutics.

With over 35+ Patents in Mass Spectrometry, van Breemen is an expert in his craft and ready to launch his first of many researched formulas. His passion and dedication to unearthing all of nature’s botanical therapeutics has just begun.

Dr. Richard van Breemen founder of van Breemens Formulas

Leading the Way for Natural Discoveries

Medicinal properties in plants have been part of our history from the beginning of time. It is now, with cutting-edge research, that we can propagate, isolate, and filter our plant compounds for a more in-depth analysis. These analyses could mean new therapeutic discoveries and the potential for life-changing solutions.

100,000 - 2,000,000 is the range of compounds that plants may have and over 75% are still undiscovered, showing the importance of why plants should stay at the forefront of research for healthy medicine.

Plants evolve. Plants are continuously adapting, increasing the potential to discover new compounds from botanicals we thought we knew.

Science evolves. Stepping away from industrial petrochemicals, we rely on innovative research using new tools to discover new compounds to optimize healthy outcomes.

Healthy plant roots are covered in a fungi, called Mycorrhiza

Our Process

Our formulas began as research extracts at van Breemen’s Voynich Laboratory in Eugene, OR.  There we combined state of the art equipment with the brilliant mind of van Breemen and his research team.

The Journey of our Formulas:

1. Screen whole plants against an array of human cells to narrow the number of candidate compounds associated with a traditional medicinal use of the plant.

2. Assess the safety of the selected compound and perform clinical trials.

3. Select and foster varieties of our natural source to optimize production efficiency, compound consistency, and yield of our compound.

4. Present our research findings to peers through conferences and scientific literature.

5. Use findings to formulate products for consumers and patients.

6. Sell Healthy Medicine.

Dr. van Breemens Lab Process and Journey of Formulas

"Our goal is to achieve optimal health with the use of plants and science, transforming the way we view alternative medicine."

- Doctor Richard van Breemen

Our Founding Team

Our team is comprised of doctors, scientists, agriculturists, and business gurus to help define the latest research and creation of formulas to better our health.
Dr. Richard van Breemen
Richard van Breemen, PhD
Jacob Crabtree - Leadership Team
Jacob Crabtree
Professor Jay Noller - Leadership Team
J. Stratton Noller, PhD