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A Wellness Formula that could change the world.  Dr. Richard van Breemen’s proprietary 2oz tincture is formulated with a mix of proprietary ingredients to support foundational daily wellness.

van Breemen Original Wellness Formula - Pineapple Flavored

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Each and every formula is scientifically based to expand our wellness alternatives. With our four point guide below, we are bringing medicine back to its roots.

Plant compound within a Test Tube | Van Breemen Company
  • Historically Inspired

  • Scientifically Studied

  • Sourced from Nature 

  • Delivered as Healthy Medicine

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Hemp Fields for Science

The van Breemen Company

An In-depth look at Dr. van Breemen and his research that is changing the world!

The Doctor Behind the Formula

Meet Dr. Richard van Breemen, the founder of van Breemen Formulas, with over 35+ patents in Mass Spectrometry, he is an expert at his craft and believes in nature's ability to improve our health and wellness.

Dr. Richard van Breemen founder of van Breemens Formulas
  • Did You Know...

    That nature is the main source for new drugs and less than 10% of natural compounds have been discovered?

    Growing Plant Compounds for Science
  • Did You Know...

    That natural products are the #1 source for medicine, but all the credit usually goes to synthetic drugs?

    Mass Spectrometry
  • Did You Know...

    That by choosing natural over synthetic medicine, you are lessening your carbon footprint?

    Health and Environment is essential for Life